During summer, the hair is more exposed and suffer aggressions from solar radiation, the seawater, chlorine, and pollution. From Montegordo, passing through Tavira, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Alvor, and even Sagres, our beaches are beautiful, but in order to take full advantage of the summer season and the fantastic Algarve coast, we have to redouble the beauty care on the face, body and also in hair, as at this times, they are more exposed than ever.

The high temperatures in summer call for days with refreshing baths in the sea or a pool. After all, it is impossible to resist an invitation to go to the beach, relax, and seek relief from the heat. In this case, our hair may end up suffering from aggression. It is not easy to spend the summer with your hair, always beautiful and hydrated.

Five Potential Threats to your Hair During Summer

1. The UVA rays

The UVA and UVB rays stimulate the loss of keratin, destroys, and oxidizes the hair, which in turn results in hair decolouration and dehydration. Sun exposure for long periods can even burn your scalp and peel off.

2. The Wind

The wind is responsible for those bizarre knots that are very difficult to remove, and that results in broken hair.

3. The Salt

The salt opens the cuticle of the strands, leaving them hard and dull, as all the water present in the hair is removed, resulting in unwanted outcomes – damaged hair, with frizz and super-volume.

4. The Sand

The sand in contact with the salt, and the wind leaves the locks with even more frizz.

5. The Chlorine

Chlorine has huge adverse effects on blondes. In addition to making the hair greenish, it dries the hair out and causes split ends.

7 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

o avoid damaged hair and maintain its beauty and hydration, you don’t need to stay at home. Below are 7 tips in which you can keep your hair healthy at all times. Read on!

1. Apply sun protection to the hair

Our sun protectors help the hair not to break, not to dry, not to lose its colour and not to become dull, in other words, they help to keep the hair healthy and keep the scissors away! The protector must be applied when we go, and we are on the beach, pool, or in the field. Even in the city, we should apply the protector. The important thing is to protect the hair as we protect the skin!

2. Protect your hair from the sun

Wear hats, caps, scarves, but whenever you have the opportunity to put yourself in the shade, remove the accessory you are using for your scalp to breathe, as sweat, moisture, and heat facilitate scalp problems such as seborrhea, dandruff, and inflammations.

3. Rinse your hair with fresh water

This prevents damage to hair strands caused by the salinity of the seawater and by elements used in the treatment of water in swimming pools. It is ideal before entering the sea and after leaving because then the hair will already be saturated with good water and stops absorbing less salt and chlorine.

4. To brush or not to brush?

If you really need to brush your hair on the beach or pool, it is advisable to rinse with fresh water first and then do it with a wide-tooth comb or a tangle teaser brush. You should not pin the hair while it is still wet as the hair becomes more fragile and may cause the hair to fall. Also, avoid the dryer and, if using, put it in cold mode.

5. Apply leave-in

Before going to the beach or pool, apply our leave-in. A “leave-in” product is a cream that is already applied on washed hair and that we do not have to remove since it is an instant treatment! Our leave-in leaves hair more hydrated, shinier, silkier, and also helps in combating frizz and defining natural hair shapes. Its application is only in the middle, and ends of the hair; do not apply at the root.

6. Choose the ideal shampoo

You can wash your hair every day but opt for formulas without harmful agents, such as parabens and sulphates, and, preferably, with colour protection.

7. Visit your hairdresser

Your hairdresser is a professional, specializing in the art of caring and treating your hair. Despite all the care you can take for your hair, you should regularly visit your hairdresser who will not only know what to do depending on the type and condition of your hair but also have access to professional products of the highest standard and with innovative formulas, produced in international laboratories, generally not sold to the public.
alfaparf cellula madre

Take care of your hair with us!

Let professionals take care of your hair. We are specialists in colour and restoration of the vitality of your hair. Without sulfates or parabens, our products have colour protection.

Deep hydration is done with renowned products based on plant stem cells that restore your hair to health lost by chemical treatments and atmospheric aggressions.

Our Beauty Genesis ampoules are a concentrate of stem cells from the argan plant made with an elixir, with the power to improve on the beauty of your hair spectacularly, by activating the nutrition multiplier, which mixing with this elixir forms a gel that provides nutrition, leaving the hair more beautiful and healthier.

Our Semi Di Lino Cellula Madre product line contains Lino seed assets, as well as vitamins F, UV filters, Shine Fix Complex, and Colour Fix Complex, as well as an Argan stem cell concentrate.

The quality of the products, our experience, and the care we put into the way we work, makes the Nathalie Charlot offer unique and unprecedented!

Your Hairdresser in the Algarve.

Come and visite us. We’ll be waiting for you!

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