Cut according to

Facial Structure

At the top of our lists - long, short, blond, brown, straight, wavy or curled hair whatever the trend - you should choose hairstyles and haircuts according to your facial structure, such as wavy, medium hair or long, increase facial volume and, with the arrival of 2020, the vintage hairstyle is remarkable for modern women to show their elegance and grace. You can also opt for incredibly stylish chic pixie haircuts. Having one could be a perfect choice.

Stand Out

How about standing out from the crowd with the unique versatility of your personality? Are you the type of person who likes to be “modern”, using their own “style” of the season? If so, then it is, in fact, in the right place, because we know how a delicious chocolate base with caramel reflections and bleach-blond hue can be an important ally for the look, improving the shape and the elegant jaw of the face. Whether curly or straight, black or blonde, all you need to do is undoubtedly follow the trend. Please make your appointment with us!
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Pamper Yourself; You Deserve It!

When you think of hair color or style, you think of a good beauty salon and the best hairdresser. Our salon has a first-rate hairdresser who works in a team spirit, exemplary to guarantee the best and most personalized service. We are exclusive, and it will be exclusive that we have to offer! Be sure to read our article on how to choose the best hairdresser for you and your family.

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We are in Almancil, Algarve 5 minutes from Vale do Lobo, and 5 minutes from Quinta do Lago, in the Algarve. Drive to Rua Cristóvão Pires Norte, Almancil, next to Jardim das communities.
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