The benefits of a professional manicure and pedicure include much more than just the appearance of your hands or feet. While talking of benefits, I’m not just referring to the aspect – beauty – but also the long-term health benefits. Manicure and pedicure are much more than just filling your nails with a layer or two of varnish.


A simple handshake can be an indicator of our biological age, as well as our health and personality. In fact, our hands are of fundamental importance, even in the most occasional social gatherings. Many studies indicate that, when we meet someone, one of the first places we look at is precisely the hands. In addition to the aesthetic importance of the hands and nails, they are also a reflection of the state of our health. The hands are one of the most punished parts of our body's body, as they are daily subjected to several different aggressions.

In fact, manicured nails are a mandatory requirement in all seasons. There is nothing worse than having to hide your nails because they are in no condition. Peeling varnish, bitten nails, or uncut cuticles reveal a careless side, and we know from experience that people notice it.


The feet in winter are hidden, but like the hands, our image falls into disarray if not taken care of. Having beautiful, well-kept feet is important to make you feel good and active. And believe that it is surprisingly easy to include regular visits to the pedicure in the beauty routine.

On the other hand, your feet are an indicator of the health of your body as certain problems can be indicative that something is not right! Your care and maintenance should not be occasional (parties, special events, summer) but should be part of the routine of care that you have with your body for the sake of your feet and your health.

Our Services Include

  • Removal/application of varnish or gel varnish
  • Cut, file, and polish your nails
  • Cuticle emollient
  • Cuticle removal and feet immersion in water for an emollient action
  • Removal of thicker and superficial calluses
  • Treatment of mycoses, fungi, ingrown toenails, excess skin under the nails, withered heels, nail reconstruction, among others
  • Massage with moisturizing oils/creams that rejuvenates, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin of your feet using Paraffin treatment.

The Materials Used

The pedicure includes specific procedures related to the beauty and health of your feet. Therefore, we will pay special attention to the materials used:

  • Disposable materials: towels, files, creed blades and scalpel, plastics and cotton.
  • Sterilizable materials with bactericidal and fungicidal products, pliers sterilizer, metal files, metallic material, among others.
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