You probably had one of the most fun summers and just realized that your hair could tell you everything about your summer experience. It is obvious that your hair has post-summer damage.

Somehow, finding the right treatment for your hair can be quite a challenge. But in fact, we do it all the time! Allow me to give you a tip on what the hair salon Nathalie Charlot has in store for your hair treatment.

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How to Deal With Post-Summer Hair Damage?

1. Restore Smoothness

One of the most common hair damages associated with summer sun and dry wind conditions is, in fact, dry hair. It simply means that all the moisture in your hair

2. Reduce The Damage

After going through the harsh summer weather conditions, you certainly do not want to subject your hair to more risks, as the chances of them starting to break are high since they are dry and brittle. So, avoid hairdryers and any other similar approaches. Dry hair has a cuticle still open, so it should not, in any way, block moisture. However, applying nutrient-rich oils like coconut or Moroccan oil can help retain moisture in the hair.

3. Restore The Color

Prolonged exposure to dust, sun, and dry wind probably bleached your hair. Therefore, you will probably have to restore your natural hair color tone. What your hair needs is an enamel treatment to have that shiny look. Fortunately, under home care, you can personally perform the hair color restoration process. But take it easy, don't call your hairdresser right away when, in the end, you get that shade of Bright Brass and Lemon Blonde OGX Sunkissed. On the other hand, you can go directly to our Salon, and we take care of everything for you, from the restoration of vitality and color, to the final touch. We can eliminate tanning and discoloration while straightening hair and restoring the quality of shine.

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Certainly, hair treatment may not be a problem for you. Still, if you have problems doing it or want professional quality with the experience of the best salons in Paris, our salon will be at your disposal with the best solutions.
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