algarve hairdresser princing list

Pricing List



  • Women’s Cut

    From tight crop to bob haircut, the style may vary depending on personal preference, hair type, and current hairstyle trends.
  • Men’s Cut

    Cut, style and groom men's hair according to their preferences.
  • Childern’s Cut

    Children under the age of 15.
  • Blowdry

    To create various hairstyles, such as straight, curly, or wavy hair.
  • Long Blowdry

    Blowdry long hair
  • Cut & Blowdry

    To update your hairstyle or maintain your current look.


  • Color

    From €49,50
    The color is done based on root growth, skin tone, and hair needs to evenly replace pigments.
  • Full-Head Color

    From €55,00
    The color is applied to every section of your head, from the roots to the ends - this technique results in a consistent and even hair color change, covering any previous color or grays and it is perfect for those who want to completely change their hair color or for those who want to cover up any unwanted color or gray hair.
  • Madeixas T – Section

    A partir de €56,00
    Madeixas parciais na coroa do cabelo
  • Half-Head Highlights

    From €75,00
    Highlights are applied to the top and side sections of your head only, leaving the back untouched - this technique provides a subtle and natural-looking color change, adding dimension and depth to your hair. Half-head highlights are a type of partial highlights and are a great option for those who want to try highlights for the first time or for those who prefer a low-maintenance look.
  • Full Head Highlights

    From €98,50
    Highlights are applied to every section of your head, creating a more consistent and dramatic color change throughout your hair - this technique lightens your hair from the roots to the ends, giving a brighter and more vibrant look.
  • Color & Blowdry

    From €78,00
    Placement based on client needs, finished with styling brush.
  • Cut & Color & Blowdry

    From €95,50
    Trendy color, cut & blowdry


  • Reconstruction Plant Stem Cells

    Repairs hair breakage and improves hair follicle function. Thanks to the excellent combination of ingredients, this treatment rejuvenates the hair from the first application.
  • Deep Capillary Recovery Hydration

    Designed to restore the natural hydration balance of the hair and repair damage caused by external factors.
  • Vitamin Complex

    Semi di Lino Cellula Madre Hair Treatment Vitamin Complex includes vitamins E and F and it is designed to revitalize the hair fiber, providing antioxidant, protective, and softening properties. The treatment is also formulated with Argan stem cells, which are capable of releasing the beauty potential in the hair.
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