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Algarve Hair Colouring Expert – Dye Your Hair

Disguising grey hair with blonde highlights? Retain dyed hair colour? Prepare your summer look with a balayage? Welcome a new woman with a bold shade of blue? Whatever you choose, you’ll be the best version of yourself if you decide to dye your hair at a specialist hairdresser in the Algarve.

6 Reasons to dye your hair at a professional hairdresser

Although it is becoming more and more common for women and men of all ages, hair colouring is a process that requires knowledge and only a hair colouring specialist can offer you a fantastic result, based on fashion trends but also on colometry studies and colouring techniques.

Still not convinced to stop dyeing your hair at home? Read on to find out the main reasons to choose a specialist hairdressing salon in the Algarve:

1. Planning your colouring technique

However methodical you may be, at home you can’t plan your hair colouring technique, whether it’s to dye your hair for the first time, to disguise grey hair or to overlay your natural colour with a more artificial tone. So if you live or are on holiday in the Algarve, look for a hairdresser who specialises in hair colouring and has professionals who will make a technical assessment, understand your hair’s characteristics and determine the ideal techniques and products for hair colouring.

In addition to hair colour, thickness and texture, a hair colour expert will take into account other factors such as your personal preferences and fashion trends to choose the appropriate hair colouring technique: bleaching, highlighting, highlights, highlights, balayage for a natural bronzed look and ombré hair to lighten the tips for a luminous gradient, among others.

2. Selecting the right hair colour

After assessing the health of your hair, a hair colour expert will consider factors such as natural hair colour, skin tone and personal preferences to indicate the most suitable colours to achieve the desired result. And that’s because it’s not enough to simply ask your hairdresser to try and emulate the shade of an actress’s hair that you particularly like. To give you a fabulous look, a colour specialist has to carry out a colorimetric study which involves a great deal of knowledge about colours and the interaction of different shades with the natural hair colour. In addition, colourimetric studies show that each colour behaves differently on each person and can highlight or disguise imperfections, lighten or darken the face, for example.

3. Harmonize with your personal colour identity

If you think that only the natural colour of your hair matters when choosing a new colour, you have one more reason to go to a hairdresser who specialises in colouring. The colour of your eyes and skin also helps to determine the ideal hair colour and technique so you don’t run the risk of getting a colour that worked perfectly on a friend’s hair but leaves a lot to be desired on you.

Naturally, the decision regarding the new colour will also depend on your taste and lifestyle, but a hairdresser who specialises in colouring has enough knowledge and experience to guide you in choosing the exact hair colour. For example:

Dyeing hair blonde

As a general rule, blond hair works well on light-skinned people, but it all depends on the shade! If a platinum blonde or a golden blonde looks great on fair skin, a coppery blonde creates a striking contrast on medium to dark skin.

Dye your hair brown

Brown hair matches all skin tones, provided the colourist chooses the right nuance: light brown on light skin and on medium to dark skin, dark brown for a natural, luminous look.

Dyeing the hair red

Red hair is advised for people with light skin, but again, it depends on the shade: if you have a medium skin tone you can try a reddish red, for example, and if you have dark skin, a wine red for adding a dramatic touch.

Dye your hair black

Sophisticated black hair looks good on dark skins and different medium skin tones, but not on people with light skin because of the contrast… unless that is exactly what you want to achieve: a distinctive look!

Dye your hair blue

Or pink, orange, lilac… If you are daring and creative, don’t get hung up on skin tone! Go to a hairdresser with colour specialists in the Algarve (or elsewhere in the country), find the ideal shade and then do some pre-colouring and regular maintenance to maintain a vibrant artificial colour.

You see, a professional hairdresser who specialises in colouring will be able to guide you in a personalised way based on your individual features and preferences, and arrange your hair in line with the styling trends for spring and summer 2023!

4. Prepare the hair to achieve the desired colour

Did you choose your hair colour with the help of a hair colour expert? Great, now get ready for another step in the process that is often neglected at home: preparing the hair to achieve the desired colour, i.e. washing, applying conditioner and bleaching if necessary to ensure an even and long-lasting result.

5. Applying the dye correctly

And the time H has come: the application of the hair dye according to the chosen colour and technique. Applying hair dye all over the hair doesn’t require great skill, but the same can’t be said for the strands, which need to look impeccable without overlapping unwanted colours.
Plus! At home, all you need to do is look at the clock and check that 20 minutes have passed, but in a hair salon specialising in colouring, everyone knows that processing time varies:

  • Colouring techniques like highlights, highlights and balayage require a longer processing time due to selective application.
  • Lighter or brighter colours may take longer than darker colours.
  • Drier hair tends to absorb colour more quickly than oily hair.

6. Use the best products

Can you buy hair dye at the supermarket or pharmacy? Of course you can, from straw blonde to bluish black, but it will always be a lower quality dye than what the hair colour experts offer. And that’s because only the best hairdressers have access to the best brands of hair dye, which contain various actives that protect the colour and the strands, ensuring a quality uniform coverage that stays for much longer.

In addition to quality dyes, an expert hairdresser uses renowned shampoos, conditioners, heat protectants and moisturising masks developed specifically for coloured hair.

Not at home! If you have already cleared up your doubts about the advantages of having your hair coloured at a specialist hairdresser, click here and make your appointment at the Nathalie Charlot salon in Almancil.

  • Experience in hair colouring
  • Personalized assessment
  • Selection of the right colour and technique
  • Incredible looks!
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