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buzz cut

Buzz cut: the close-cropped haircut that doesn’t need a comb!

Want to switch to a clean, stylish and easy to maintain look? The buzz cut could be the ideal haircut for you who don’t want to go bald, but also don’t want to spend all day fixing your hair!

If you are a bold and confident person, 2 or 3 centimetres of hair is all it takes to gain practicality and shine in casual and social moments. Discover how and why!

What does a buzz cut look like?

It is a very short and uniform haircut, usually done with a clippers that gives a “clean” and practical look.
This close-cropped style is very popular with men (and is already starting to win over women) because in addition to being easy to maintain, it can be adapted to different looks and lengths (within short hair).

What does “buzz cut” mean?

Basically, it means close-cropped hair (many Portuguese call it “corte à escovinha”), and the term “buzz” refers to the characteristic sound of the haircutting machine used to work this more minimalist style.

How to make a buzz cut?

You can do a buzz cut at home, using a hair clipper to shave close to your head. Now, if you want a perfect result, it’s best to look for a professional barber or hair salon, and that’s because the buzz cut is usually shorter on the sides than on top, so it requires using different setting combs to determine the desired style and length. And it also requires an even, firm movement to achieve a consistent cut throughout the hair!

Finally, the barber or hairdresser may use scissors to finish off, trimming the hair to even it out and get a flawless result.

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Different types of buzz cut

As well as the conventional buzz cut – that close-to-the-head haircut at the same length – there are other types of buzz that may suit your style better:

1. Crew cut

The crew cut is a more stylish buzz, where the hair is longer at the top of the head than at the back and sides.

2. Caesar cut

With short, straight fringe, the caesar (or French crop) cut is ideal for those who want a short cut but different from the military style, as the fringe softens the severity of the haircut.

3. Side part

This type of buzz gives a tidier and more defined look, especially if you opt for the so-called razor part, which involves a light razor cut in the area of the parting.

4. Spiky hair

Suitable for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance, spiky hair remains popular for more casual, medium cuts.

5. Buzz cut gradient

As the name suggests, the gradient buzz cuts the hair in layers that progressively lose length from top to bottom.

Which male face shape goes best with buzz cut?

All face shapes go with buzz cut, although it is a style that favours men with an oval or square face and a well-marked jaw.
For men with a very round face it may not be the best option because it will accentuate this feature even more.

Should men with fine hair not buzz cut?

Effectively the buzz cut works best on thick, dense hair. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well on men with fine hair. But if you are: don’t get your hair cut without first consulting a professional barber or hairdresser who can help you understand how the buzz cut will look.

Does the buzz cut look good on men with a beard?

Absolutely! Close-cropped hair with a beard can make your look even cooler.

And buzz cut for women?

You’ve already noticed that the close-cropped haircut has everything men want most: style, practicality and versatility. And the women?

Well, women are overcoming the prejudice that femininity is directly associated with long hair. Many models and actresses have already set an example and made a buzz cut, so nowadays nobody is surprised by this kind of request in a hair salon. What happens is that often lack the courage to make such a radical cut, even if it is at the top of the fashion trends, and that’s because there is always the risk of looking bad. However, the solution is precisely that, to take a risk, because hair always grows back.

However, the buzz cut is more suited to women with thick and abundant hair, as it remains dense even after a close cut. Otherwise, this short style suits women with square faces, oval faces and heart-shaped faces and can be adapted to the desired length, if necessary with the help of a hairtsylist who specialises in cutting and colouring, not least because the colouring techniques themselves can be fully exploited in a buzz cut.

Who should we recommend a buzz cut to?

To athletes and military personnel? Not only! We recommend a buzz cut to all men and women who have attitude, who have an active lifestyle and want to get a practical look through a beautiful and easy to maintain haircut.

The close-cropped haircut goes with many different looks and benefits (take note!) men who are losing their hair and want to achieve a more uniform look that disguises partings.

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