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Hairdresser for Fine Hair in the Algarve

Hairdresser for Fine Hair in the Algarve

Lack of volume is always a challenge… which can fortunately be overcome if you look for a hairdresser for fine hair! More fragile and delicate hair deserves special care, specific products and cuts and colouring to give it movement and texture.

However, if you stick to your reversals and (still) understand that you don’t need to leave home to properly care for your hair, read on for some of the reasons why you should regularly visit a hairdresser for fine hair.

Why should you look for a hairdresser for fine hair?

Because a hairdresser for fine hair has the knowledge and experience necessary to identify the density and fragility of the strands and the most suitable products to improve the texture and give strength to your hair.

Moreover, a hairdresser specialising in fine hair knows how to use the most innovative techniques for hair without volume, how to create hairstyles and how to create cuts and colourings suitable for fine hair, as we will see in a moment.

Products for fine hair

In a hairdresser for fine hair in the Algarve – or in any other area of the country – you will find products for fine hair, such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays and special mousses to increase volume and texture, with lighter formulas and substances such as biotin, keratin and proteins that strengthen the threads and minimize hair loss. And we’re not talking about those products you can easily find at the drugstore or supermarket, but rather products from quality professional brands, sold and used only at hairdressers who specialise in fine hair to add texture and volume and protect against hair loss and damage.

Wash fine hair

In our hair salon for fine hair in the Algarve you will find experienced professionals who know to start by gently massaging the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth, before washing. Next, they use warm water – never water that’s too hot as it can dry out and irritate the scalp – and apply shampoo for fine hair evenly and then, conditioner for fine hair, but only on the ends or lengths of the hair because if it’s applied to the roots, the conditioner can leave the hair greasy and heavy. Finally, they rinse thoroughly and finish by gently pressing a towel against the hair to remove excess water.

And tomorrow? Can you return to our fine hairdresser to wash your hair again? Well, I’m glad you’re asking because you shouldn’t wash fine hair every day. We’d love to see you every day, but it’s important to space out the washes to preserve your hair’s natural oiliness which can help add a little volume.

Drying fine hair

We use a professional hairdryer to give fine hair natural volume, drying upside down, but we avoid excessive use because heat tools make fine hair even more fragile.
Smoothing brushes? We don’t usually advise it, because they leave the strands lifeless, but if you decide to use it, we will apply a thermal protector for fine hair beforehand.

Combing fine hair

At our hairdresser for fine hair in the Algarve we use fine hair combs with wide teeth or fine hair brushes with soft bristles suitable for untangling hair without breaking.

Want to do a hairstyle? Absolutely, as long as it’s not too tight so as not to cause damage! The ideal is to go for a loose look, with hair to the side or in waves for a thicker look. At our salon in the Algarve we use volume styling products if necessary, applied to the roots to “lift” the hair but avoid metal accessories or pins that can damage the hair.

Cuts for thinning hair

Brunette or blonde, it doesn’t matter! If you have fine hair here in our hairdresser in the Algarve we will always advise a shorter cut to give the illusion of greater volume, namely:

  • Bob cut, shorter in the back than the front to add texture to fine hair.
  • Pixie Cut with layers or fringe to add dimension to the hair.
  • Blunt cut in a straight line with textured ends to add volume.
  • Cut in smooth layers for a fuller look.
  • Shag Cut with layers and fringe to add movement to the face.

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Colours for fine hair

Do you need to dye your hair thin? No problem! No hair should abuse chemicals, particularly fragile hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your look, keep the colour you usually wear or cover up whiteheads. Simply choose to have your hair coloured at our hairdresser for fine hair in the Algarve, where we help you choose the ideal colour, according to your tastes and preferences, but also to your skin tone and current hair condition.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of colour options for fine hair either:

  • Blondes and light browns help create the illusion of greater volume in fine hair.
  • Colours close to the natural hair colour create a more balanced look.
  • Lighter or darker highlights and highlights give an illusion of movement.
  • Balayage for natural gradient effect, with lighter tones on the ends of fine hair, adds depth.
Each case is a case! That is why we advise you to agenda a visit to our hair salon for fine hair in the Algarve, so that we can recommend the best cut or colouring in a personalized way, according to your individual physical characteristics and lifestyle.
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