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Micro Mist Algarve

Micro Mist: healthy, shiny and soft hair!

Do you still use the traditional high-foot hairdryer with a kind of helmet you stick your head into? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to it and say hello to a much more modern version: it’s called Micro Mist and it’s available in salons that want to meet the highest customer demands with a high-tech device that dries but also nourishes, moisturises and rejuvenates the hair.

Your hair is exposed to a series of aggressions every day. Pollution, the use of hair dryers and/or straightening plates, chemicals and even seawater and chlorine from swimming pools strip nutrients from the hair fibre, leaving hair weak and lifeless… unless you’re already doing a full hydration routine with a new, state-of-the-art piece of equipment!

Read on to learn more about Micro Mist: the superhero that saves parched hair!

What is the Micro Mist?

A hair spray? It’s more than that! It’s a Japanese high-tech ultrasonic hair treatment machine, producing microscopic particles of water (mist) to treat damaged hair more effectively. In other words, it’s a device that uses the power of water to revitalise dull, brittle and dehydrated strands, giving them back their strength, flexibility and shine.

What is Micro Mist for?

The Micro Mist is designed to repair and rejuvenate hair, restoring strength, flexibility and shine without the need for conditioners. It is therefore especially suitable for hair damaged by chemical products, perms and colouring.Alongside, the device also serves to promote a gentle and relaxing sensory experience, which makes each hair rejuvenation treatment session efficient, but also a very pleasant moment!

How does Micro Mist work?

Basically, this deep hair hydration treatment comprises two phases:

1. In the first phase, it combines ultrasonic vibrations with hot steam to emit a huge amount of microscopic particles of oxygen and water that open the hair cuticles at 40°C/50°C and penetrate deep into the hair follicles. These particles are much smaller than the particles released by traditional vaporizers and therefore facilitate the penetration of the treatments into the hair cortex, the inner part of the strands. In this way, the equipment eliminates micro-organisms and chemical substances through a mist of distilled water, distributing the treatment evenly, reaching the entire length of the scalp and providing a sense of relaxation to the client.

2. Although the device uses only distilled water to generate the mist, without any added chemicals, to improve the results, it can be combined with the deep penetration of some moisturizing product, such as mask or conditioner indicated for your hair.In the second phase of the treatment, cooling air is applied to seal the strands, block moisture, remove heat, strengthen the attachment of hair follicle treatment agents and thus provide an amazing result: strong, soft and shiny hair, for much longer!

What are the main applications of Micro Mist?

  • Deep hair hydration.
  • Hair nutrition.
  • Hair reconstruction.
  • Preparation for other chemical processes, such as straightening, coloring and permanent.

What are the main benefits of Micro Mist?

Healthy hair: with life, shine and softness! This is the main benefit of the Micro Mist machine, but there are other advantages!

  • Each treatment session is very quick compared to conventional treatments: in just 15 minutes your hair is super shiny and deeply hydrated.
  • This procedure is intense and efficient and therefore guarantees deep hydration of the hair and a fantastic shine from the first session!
  • Leaves hair soft , untangled and easy to comb.
  • Provides strength and flexibility without overloading with moisturizing masks.
  • Prevents hair loss and/or breakage.
  • It favors the penetration and durability of subsequent chemical processes.
  • It guarantees greater absorption of the color, maintaining the hair color for much longer.
  • It offers the possibility of customizing treatments, with a configuration of time, mist intensity and temperature.
  • Results in a smooth and relaxing sensation for the client.

Where to find Micro Mist in the Algarve?

Want to experience the benefits of Micro Mist in the Algarve? So, you have to look for hairdressing salons and beauty clinics that want to offer their customers differentiated services that fully meet their needs and their most demanding expectations, such as the hairdresser Nathalie Charlot!

So, you don’t need to keep searching for “Micro Mist Algarve” because you have already found a hair salon in Almancil, equipped with this new hair treatment machine that recovers damaged hair strands quickly and effectively. A delightful experience that always feels good after a hard day’s work or a particularly exhausting week!

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