Green space in the

Heart Of Almancil

Located in the heart of the village of Almancil, Jardim das Comunidade is an infrastructure of great importance for Almancil, as it is a green space where, above all, children and the elderly can spend part of their free time. The playground, the play area, the form garden, the square, the main axis, and the green areas are the main areas of this garden, which are an invitation to find a place for leisure. This is one of the largest public gardens built in the Algarve in recent decades.
Name and history of

Jardim das Comunidades

The choice of name was linked to the characteristics of Almancil, which has always been the scene of several migrations, leaving for countries like the United States, Venezuela, Argentina, France or Germany during the 60s and 70s, and entering our days of people from the countries of East and Africa. Thus, this infrastructure is directly and indirectly linked to these migrations both in its design and future use.

Positive Energy

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