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Best Hairdresser in the Algarve – How to Choose?

Having dry and damaged strands after a visit to the hairdresser? With a step cut that doesn’t favor you? With colored streaks instead of pale streaks? Having trouble hiding your badly cut bangs? Hmm… who has never left a hair salon dissatisfied with the result, raise your hand! No hands in the air? A sign that readers need to know some tips to choose the best hairdresser in the Algarve.

How To Choose The Best Hairdresser In Algarve?

First of all, this research work for the best hairdresser in the Algarve is not simple, not least because new hairdressing salons are mushrooming all over the country. But at the end, the effort will be rewarded in the form of a friendly and qualified team, prepared for all types of treatments, cuts, colors and hairstyles for curly, wavy or straight hair. Blonde, brown, red or gray. Thin or thick. Short, medium or long. But always healthy and beautiful!

The neglect of some personal image care – due to lack of time, lack of money, but mainly due to lack of information – can lower your self-esteem to dangerous levels. Not so much for falling short of the beauty standards of others, but more for falling below the image you wanted to have.

So, if you already look at yourself with respect, why not start looking elegant too? It doesn’t matter if you live in the Algarve or just passing through one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, it’s important to keep your hair well-groomed, your skin glowing, your face nourished and your nails healthy, among other essential cares for your appearance in general. Yes, because an elegant look goes a long way towards improving your well-being and, as a result, your relationships and even your performance at work.

How can you find the best hairdresser in the Algarve? Read on!

1. Location

The location of the hairdressing salon is very important, which is why if you live in the Algarve region you should not go to Google and write “best hairdresser in Portugal”. There are many, so you should now narrow down your search to “best hairdresser Algarve”, “best hairdresser Almancil” or “best hairdresser Faro”, depending on your location. What to do next? Pick up the first contact and set the date and time for the new haircut? No way! Then you should go to the next tip, so you don’t risk a bad result!

2. Experience

How long have the hairdressing salons you gathered in your research been open to the public? This is not to say that a rookie cannot guarantee the best results, but if you really want to reach the best hairdresser in the Algarve, it is worth considering the experience. And do you know why? Because to remain firm and stiff for years on end, in a highly competitive market, a hairdresser must have quality services and experience in various types of cuts, colors and hairstyles.

3. Team

Just want to cut your hair? Okay, but what if a month from now you decide to do a coloring, some highlights or a straightening? Precisely for this reason you should choose a hairdresser with a qualified team specialized in different areas. In this sense, all you have to do is go back to the sites that you have already saved in your favorites folder and check the training and specialization of each team member, even looking for certificates issued by major brands and/or renowned professionals. Is it all you need to make sure you leave the salon prettier and happier? No, but the investment in knowledge is a guarantee of quality and versatility which, if paired with the next tips, could be an obvious sign that you’ve found the best hairdresser in the Algarve!

4. Services

The multitude of services is very important, including complementary manicure, make-up and skin care services. So, in addition to a specialized and dedicated team, you should look for a salon with a diversified offer. How do you do this? Simple! It’s a matter of taking note of the services provided and observing the online portfolio, where hairdressers tend to display their best work, whether on the website or on social networks.

5. Products

If when dealing with hair at home, you see the difference between poor and good quality products, you cannot take the risk of choosing a hairdresser in the Algarve that does not use modern and effective materials, quality products and renowned brands to achieve the best results. Remember that in addition to immediate service, the best hairdresser in Almancil, Faro, Loulé or any other area in the Algarve, is the one who can give you recommendations on the most suitable shampoo, conditioner and mask for your hair type.

6. Attention to Details

Sympathy, attention, warmth and exclusivity! It’s everything the hair salon service needs to ensure a good experience. An answering service that doesn’t understand your needs and expectations and doesn’t listen to what you have to say… it won’t do! Therefore, you should opt for a hairdresser in the Algarve that will serve you in a helpful way and is interested in understanding what your desires are in terms of cuts, hairstyles and coloring.

7. Environment

Another tip to quickly get to the best hairdresser in the Algarve? Installations! You don’t need to go into several salons, but it’s a good idea to take a look, even at the photo gallery on the site, to see if the space is pleasant, clean, well sanitized and organized.

8. Trends

Working in the beauty industry without knowing the fashion trends? Impossible! A good hairdresser in the Algarve or in any other part of the country or the world, must be aware of the latest trends in cuts, colors and hairstyles. The new celebrity looks? Yes, you must know. The news from the fashion catwalks? Too! Otherwise, the hairdresser will not understand your references, nor be able to give you suggestions to leave you completely in! However, the best hairdresser in Almancil or Faro has to understand the trends without neglecting hair health. More than a cut that is on the rise, but that doesn’t suit you; more than a modern but aggressive hair color, the hairdresser should be able to keep your hair healthy: strong, hydrated and shiny!

9. References

We are almost at the end of our list of tips for choosing the best hairdresser in the Algarve, but how about reputation and credibility. It’s true that you usually trust your friends’ opinions, but if you don’t have references, how can you find out if a certain hairdresser is trustworthy? Again, searching the Internet for reviews, customer testimonials and ratings, on websites, social media and forums.

10. Price

Last advice! The cheapest hairdresser in the Algarve may not be the best bet, but don’t believe that the most expensive hairdresser in the Algarve is, by analogy, the best hairdresser in the Algarve. It could be, since qualified professionals have to get a return on their investment in courses and training, but there are many hairdressers who prefer to maintain a good cost/benefit ratio, with prices that are not prohibitive.

If You Followed This Step By Step, You Have Already Reached The Best Or At Least One Of The Best Hairdressers In The Algarve! That’s Right, The Nathalie Charlot Hair Salon!!

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